How Juice Subscription Works

How Juice Subscription Works

The day I (and many of you!) have been waiting for is here! We are so thrilled to offer a weekly and bi-weekly Alchemy Juice subscription service.

Here's everything you need to know to fill your days with nourishing juice:



Instead of needing to log on every week and place your order, you can now subscribe and streamline your juice orders. Your path to vibrancy, health, and wellness just got a whole lot simpler.


Check out our new online home at As you are building your cart, you will see an option for "one-time purchase" or "weekly subscription." Build your cart as you go adding each item individually (subscribe to each product, not your full cart). 
For example, if you'd like a weekly Alchemist Gold + 2 Immune Boost, add the Alchemist Gold package to your cart as "weekly subscription" first, then go to the Immune Boost product page and add 2 of those under subscription as well.
After payment, you will receive an email to manage your subscription where you can skip a week (i.e. going out of town), cancel your subscription at any time, or modify your order for the coming week.
That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or need any help at all, please do reach out and I am happy to help you get set up.
At check-out, if you have any notes for my team & I (i.e. gate codes, breakdown of which juices you want Monday/Thursday, etc.) write it in the "notes" section and it will go into our ordering system.


Juicing takes a lot of time and energy (trust me, I know!) but it is one of the very BEST things you can do for your, it's delicious. I want to make enjoying organic, cold-pressed juice as simple as possible. 
You can go ahead and build your custom subscription cart here
Questions? Shoot an email to and I'll get back to you shortly!

H A P P Y  D A N C E for Alchemy Juice's beautiful new online home and the ability to make a healthy lifestyle easier than ever!
Written by Carly Shankman
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