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Cell Therapy


Introducing the 4oz Cell Therapy shot, a rejuvenating blend meticulously crafted to promote cellular health and revitalize your body from the inside out. With a combination of dino kale, parsley, green apple, and lemon, this powerhouse elixir delivers an abundance of flavonoids, particularly apigenin from parsley, to support your cells. 

The flavonoid apigenin, has been shown to reduce tumor growth and combat the spread of cancer cells.

The lemon and apple both help increase red blood cell count. They not only make the shot taste amazing, but perfectly balance the potent dose of iron from the dark leafy greens to ensure that these minerals are absorbed properly.

Elevate your well-being with Cell Therapy. A refreshing and invigorating way to support your body's cells, boost your vitality, and embrace the potential of flavonoids like apigenin. 

Ingredients: dino kale, parsley, green apple, lemon

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