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Beauty Water


Alchemy Beauty Water was crafted to boost your vitality and vibrance thanks to the powerful plant pigment: chlorophyll. 

Chlorophyll, also lovingly referred to as green sunshine or plant blood,  absorbs light in the process of photosynthesis and transforms it into the energy that powers plants’ growth and beauty.

Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is almost identical to that of hemoglobin, which is the substance our bodies use to build and transport red blood cells.

Chlorophyll aids hemoglobin in increasing the quantity and quality of the red blood cells which means more oxygen gets into the bloodstream. It rejuvenates and energizes the body on a cellular level.


The benefits include natural and gentle detox support, alkalinity to counteract oxidize stress in the body, immune support, full body oxygenation, and cellular regeneration. It's a powerhouse, y'all.


Finally, we added cucumber slices and mint leaves for their refreshing taste as well as their hydrating properties. Think plump, hydrated cells for a full abundant glow from the inside, out.

Ingredients: chlorophyll, 9.5pH alkaline mineral water, *cucumber, and *mint

*denotes organic ingredient

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