4 Mushroom Blend



In the wisdom of ancient traditions, mushrooms have long been celebrated for their remarkable ability to enhance well-being, vitality and clarity. Infused with nature's finest, these mushrooms are your daily allies, offering grounding, focus, and a rejuvenation of spirit. When you make the choice to infuse your day with these superfoods, you choose to align with the highest vibration and potential for your well being.

This superfood blend includes:

  • ORGANIC REISHI to find calm and reduce stress
  • ORGANIC TURKEY TAIL to support your gut health
  • ORGANIC LION’S MANE to sharpen your mind
  • ORGANIC CHAGA to boost your immune system

INSTRUCTIONS: Add 1 TSP to any drink or dish to give it an extra health boost.

INGREDIENTS: *Chaga, *Lions Mane, *Turkey Tail, *Reishi

*denotes organic ingredients

 Our gratitude goes to you for embracing this journey towards a fuller, more vibrant life. Thank you for choosing to elevate your potential and for honoring the wisdom of nature with each mindful sip and bite.

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