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Alkaline Cold Brew


Specially formulated to elevate your coffee experience, this unique brew is alkalized for a smooth, mellow flavor that respects your body's natural balance.

Infused with 100% organic coffee and alkaline water, each cup is a serene sip towards tranquility and health. Recognizing that coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide-treated crops, we've committed to using only the finest organic beans, reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Each cup offers a clean, invigorating coffee experience, designed to uplift your spirit and enhance well-being. Embrace the harmony of health and flavor with our meticulously crafted Organic Alkaline Cold Brew Coffee.

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  • 9.5pH Alkaline Water: Specially formulated to enhance hydration and aid in balancing the body's pH, this high-pH water is the foundation of our cold brew, ensuring a smooth, health-boosting experience.

  • Organic Coffee: Selected for its superior quality and flavor, our organic coffee provides the rich, robust base of our cold brew, offering natural energy without the pesticides.

Key Benefits of Alkaline Cold Brew Coffee:

  1. Enhanced Detoxification: Our alkaline cold brew helps in balancing your body's pH levels, promoting the removal of toxins and contributing to overall detoxification.

  2. Optimal Hydration: Crafted with a focus on hydration, this brew provides a refreshing experience that keeps you hydrated, aiding in cellular health and function.

  3. Antioxidant Rich: Each sip is infused with antioxidants from organic coffee beans, helping to fight free radicals and support overall cellular health.

  4. Organic Goodness: Made with organic coffee beans, our brew is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, ensuring a pure and healthful cup every time.

  5. Smooth Taste: The alkaline nature neutralizes the acid, offering a smooth, mellow taste while still providing the vigor you expect from your coffee.

  6. Energy Boosting: Naturally uplifting, our cold brew delivers a sustained energy boost without the harshness, promoting mental clarity and focus.

  7. Supports Digestive Health: The alkaline properties may contribute to a more balanced digestive tract, promoting gut health and comfort.

  8. Sustainable and Healthful: Embrace the benefits of a coffee that cares for your health and the environment, supporting a sustainable, organic lifestyle.


Top Notes

fully raw

First we buy organic fruits + vegetables. Then we wash, grind, press and put it in a bottle. That's it. No HPP no UV

100% organic

Our mission is to increase the cellular vitality of your body. So we don't skimp on the ingredients. Ever.

glass bottles

Our juice is best in glass. It's heavy, breakable, and more expensive. But it's worth it.



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