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Chaga Coffee Latte

A compromise-free, ready-to-drink latte for our coffee loving Alchemists.  Made with organic cold brew and our Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk, this latte is entirely organic, preservative-free, and sweetened only with dates.

We also added adaptogenic mushrooms, chaga and lions mane, to balance out the caffeine and help your body function more efficiently.

Lions mane works wonders on brain function. It contains bioactive compounds which support neuro transmission, helping to communicate nerve impulses which support our memory and cognition. Taking lions mane regularly will help keep your brain active and sharp.

Chaga feels like a warm, gentle hug. When you think of chaga think of fortifying the immune system. It also has been referred to as the beauty mushroom as it reduces inflammation and supports the skin to glow from the inside, out.
cold brew, chaga, lions mane, Alchemy Vanilla Nut Mylk (cashews, almonds, dates, vanilla, alkaline water, sea salt)
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