Sage Wand Smudge Bundle - Sage Smudge Stick


This bundle includes 4” Sage, 4” Palo Santo, and 4” thick Selenite with assorted herbs and flowers.

*Sage: Sage is burned as a way to heal, protect and increase wisdom. It is an energy cleanser. Sage also has antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is very helpful in stabilizing moods, anxiety and stress.

*Palo Santo: Palo Santo " Holy Wood " can be used to clear negative energy attached to you or in your space.

Selenite: " Divine Feminine " Selenite cleanses and purifies its environment, its calming properties make it great for meditation or spiritual practice, it vibrates at a very high frequency making it great to elevate your spirit. Place by your bedside table or any windowsill when not using it.

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