Why Juicing Curbs Cravings

Have you ever struggled to kick a craving that didn't serve you?  Or struggled to identify what it was that your body was asking for?  You try to curb it by turning to sweets or junk food, or maybe even to healthier snacks, but your body still leaves you wanting... something else.

Hunger is a biological response to nutrient deficiency. That desire for "something else" is a signal that we aren't getting the full spectrum of nutrients that we need. No matter where you are along your journey of intuitive eating, it can still be difficult to know exactly what your body needs more of - vitamin, minerals, fiber, fat - but a good place to start is ALWAYS with fruits and veggies.

Since most of us get enough carbs, fats, proteins, and other macronutrients in a standard whole foods diet, it's likely the micronutrients that we want more of. Juicing is a pure, efficient way to round out our nutrient profile and hopefully put the perpetual cravings to an end.

While we recommend juicing as an alternative to overeating or eating foods that your body doesn't need, it is NOT an alternative to whole, complete meals unless you are intentionally cleansing or exploring a raw diet.

Juicing to curb cravings is not a technique to deprive you and forever eliminate sensations of hunger. It's a good first step to tuning in and the best way to nourish your cells so that the empty cravings are replaced by satisfaction and vibrance!

Written by Carly Shankman