Red, White, and Blue Lemonade!

Holidays are times of celebration, and at Alchemy, celebrations always start with our cells! This 4th of July, we'll be sipping on the nourishing red, white, and blue of the Immune Boost, Vanilla Nut Mylk, and Blue Lemonade.

You can make a super simple mocktail with Blue Lemonade just by adding Topo-Chico.

We like to use:

  • 3/4 cup Blue Lemonade
  • 1/4 cup Topo-Chico

If you'd like to add a little clean alcohol like organic tequila or vodka, we aren't here to tell you you shouldn't. Mocktail or cocktail, our juices are meant to nourish you mind, body, and soul! That looks different for everyone.

We invite you to pause before the craziness of a holiday weekend and ask yourself - "what do I need to feel most nourished and celebrated?" And then do, just that.

However you decide to celebrate, we hope you remember that when drinking Alchemy Juice you are always celebrating your cells.

Cheers to a fun, safe, and celebratory holiday weekend!

Written by Carly Shankman