Grocery Store Juice vs Alchemy Juice
You've probably seen green juice in the grocery store before, right? You might have a sense that fresh-made, organic juice like Alchemy is better than anything you could find on a grocery store shelf, but you might not be sure why. Allow me to explain it to you!

There are three huge differences between Alchemy Juice and store bought juice that simply make their benefits incomparable.

1. Organic - if you've been around a while, you've probably heard this explained before. It's extremely rare that all 2lbs of produce that goes into a 16oz bottle is 100% organic. In fact, not being able to find a brand with all organic ingredients is the main reason I created Alchemy. 

Why does organic matter? Because while juicing concentrates nutrients in the produce, it also concentrates any of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow it. So choosing organic is a no brainer - we wouldn't expose you guys to pesticides ever.

2. Cold-Pressed - Cold-pressed refers to the type of juicer and extraction process. A centrifugal juicer, the juicer that most people have at home or juice chains use, degrades the juice via heat and oxidation (this juice will not last long). 

The BEST type of juicer (what we use to create your Alchemy Juice) is a juice PRESS. First the produce is ground and then pressed under thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the most concentrated dose of nutrients. This contributes to a longer shelf life (why Alchemy Juices are good for 5 days and not 2 or 3) and the highest integrity and juice quality. There is no heat involved which is a very important aspect of creating the best tasting, smoothest, richest, therapeutic grade juice out there.

Why does cold-pressed matter? The most important aspect to maintaining the integrity of the nutrients is what kind of juicer you use. Now, you may see juice sitting on the grocery store shelves that markets "cold-pressed," but in small print you will see that it is "high pressure pasteurized." This is what allows the juice to sit on the shelf for long periods of time (not health supportive). The highest quality, most healing, therapeutic grade juices are organic, cold-pressed, and RAW.

3. Raw (Alchemy) vs HPP (Grocery Store Juice) - HPP stands for high-pressure pasteurization which is a 3-part process that heats the juice to extend shelf life and kill any microorganisms or pathogens that may be present. The unfortunate thing is that it also kills off the life-giving, health-promoting raw enzymes which are the base of why cold-pressed, organic juice is so darn good for you.

If your juice is prepared properly and temperature controlled throughout the entire process (as Alchemy Juice is -- ensuring it remains at or below 41 degrees) raw juice is the healthiest, most nutrient dense, enzyme-rich way to enjoy your cold-pressed juice. It is truly a healing elixir that deeply cleanses and nourishes every cell of your body.

Why does raw vs HPP matter? Because juicing is about flooding your cells with more life, nutrients, and healing enzymes. These are killed off during HPP production so you aren't actually reaping the benefits of juice as medicine.

You simply cannot compare the health benefits of cold-pressed, raw, organic vs. HPP juices.

They are two completely different products. Since we use juice as a health booster and tool on our wellness path, Alchemy Juice is a 100% raw, organic, cold-pressed product that we are extremely grateful to share with our community.

Written by Carly Shankman