Natural Allergy Relief


The weather has finally cooled off here in Austin, and while we're loving the cooler weather, we're also receiving an influx of seasonal allergies.  For those of you who have stopped by the cafe, or reached out to us asking for our suggestions, here are some of our favorite ways to alleviate allergy symptoms naturally.

Our Favorite Ways to Alleviate Allergies Naturally: 

1. Morning Tonic - lemon & apple cider vinegar with 16oz of water first thing in the morning to cleanse your system. You can make your own or try our Alchemy Morning Tonic with cayenne & butterfly pea protein for an even more cleansing morning kick.
2. Neti Pot - this is an ancient Ayurvedic sinus cleansing practice which has been a part of traditional Indian culture for centuries.  It involves gently cleansing the nasal pathways with saline water until the breath is smooth and unobstructed.  It is particularly powerful when performed the morning after a night of mouth taping (see below).
3. Mouth Taping - humans were built to breathe through our noses, not our mouths.  Our nasal cavity is designed to filter out and cleanse air as it enters our system.  When we breathe through our mouthes, we slowly lose the ability to filter with our nose.  Sleeping with a small piece of scotch tape over our lips retrains the body to use the nose instead of the mouth.  You might wake up a little stuffy - that's a sign that you're filtering!  Follow with a morning neti pot until you build back up your nasal strength.
4. Garlic, Turmeric, Herbs - when you need a natural kick, it's always the herbs!  Garlic is antibacterial + antiviral, turmeric is anti-inflammatory, and herbs are superfoods of detox, stimulation, and immune support.  Find these allergy alleviating foods in Inner Glow & Digestive Aid Health Shot.
5. Essential Oils - we use essential oils for all kinds of support; they elevate mood, cleanse energy, improve sleep, and alleviate all kinds of ailments.  Our favorite to combat allergies is to diffuse 4 drops each of: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint.
We hope these tips help you all enjoy this cooler weather, allergy free!  Please always feel free to let us know what kind of support you're craving in each season.  We'd love to help you elevate and supercharge to fell like your highest & brightest self.
Written by Carly Shankman