Drink This for Digestive Health + Mental Clarity

Radiate from the inside out this summer by adding the new Alchemy Detox Shot to your daily routine.

Alchemy’s cold-pressed organic juices are part of a cleansing lifestyle that add nutrient-dense plant medicine into your cells while eliminating toxins on a regular basis.

Fewer toxins means less inflammation and illness, allowing our bodies to return to their natural state of vitality and healthEven the most health conscious among us need gentle detox practices to move out the toxins that come as a part of modern life.

The Alchemy Detox Shot is an elixir crafted with 100% organic: activated charcoal, lemon, alkaline mineral water, cayenne, and a touch of 100% pure maple. 

While all of Alchemy’s organic cold-press juices are designed to pour nutrients into your beautiful body, the brand-new Detox Shot is the very first juice designed to pull toxins out.


The key ingredient here is activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is an odorless, flavorless, carbon-rich material and natural binding agent derived from coconut shell. The activation process creates internal spaces or pores in the charcoal that traps chemicals in a process called “adsorption.” This means that charcoal binds to the toxins versus absorbing them.

So, activated charcoal piggybacks onto toxins inside the stomach and intestines and pulls them through the digestive tract to be removed through the bowels.

Activated charcoal adsorbs most chemicals, drugs, pesticides, inhaled fertilizers, and some heavy metals that reside in the gut – without impacting the organs themselves. If you were to ask us the best drink to have after a long night, we’d recommend this one because activated charcoal also helps cleanse the body of alcohol’s harmful effects.

The optimal time to take the Alchemy Detox Shot is on an empty stomach before the most purifying activity of your day. Some days that might look like your regular exercise routine or a long walk outside and other days it might be before a more targeted detox practice like an infrared sauna session or coffee enema.

If you prefer a set routine, take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach -- regardless of what your day has in store. The goal is to get the activated charcoal into your system so it can get to work binding with toxins and moving them out of your cells while you go about regular activities.

What we love most about this shot is how easy it is to supercharge your detox practices. It takes less than 10 seconds to drink (although it’s delicious enough to sip) and ensures that your body is removing the harmful elements that get inside as part of modern life. It’s a small extra step with a big payoff.


Activated charcoal, lemon, cayenne, alkaline mineral water, and a touch of 100% pure maple.

How to Enjoy:

One shot per day on an empty stomach

Detox Shot Ingredients

Written by Carly Shankman